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Expected School-wide Learning Outcomes (ESLO)

1. Kind Communicators

  • Employ various communication methods.
  • Express ideas in English (written and oral).
  • Have confidence in speaking with diverse audiences.
  • Listen to and respect the ideas of others.
  • Display open-mindedness and empathy.

2. Principled and Values-oriented

  • Adopt high moral and ethical standards.
  • Stand for what is right and sensible.
  • Value and support team work.
  • Perform various tasks with positive attitude.
  • Collaborate to achieve group goals.
  • Exhibit self-control.

3. Reflective Problem Solvers

  • Display appropriate self-direction.
  • Evaluate and monitor progress of tasks.
  • Think creatively to solve problems.
  • Develop questioning mindset.
  • Make decisions based on well-thought of options.

4. Respectful, Multicultural and Caring

  • Accept personality and individual differences.
  • Appreciate and recognize diversity in culture.
  • Inspire and build the well-being of others.
  • Consider and treat others with great respect.
  • Model love and tolerance towards others.

5. Balanced and Creative

  • Analyze and evaluate views of others.
  • Simplify issues into manageable tasks.
  • Develop creative and innovative mindset.
  • Maintain holistic development for health.
  • Possess a clear purpose in life.

6. Self-motivated Life-long Learners

  • Persevere on any assigned duty or homework.
  • Learn to cooperate with others.
  • Get enthusiastic with new and challenging stuff.
  • Focus on diligent study to prepare for college work.
  • Work independently with little or no supervision.

7. Responsible Citizens and Positive Contributors to Society

  • Follow rules and meet school expectations.
  • Participate community service learning for life skills.
  • Apply learning to real-life situations.
  • Produce quality work/research at all times.
  • Preserve “green” nature and a healthy environment.