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California Prep deeply commits itself to provide the most holistic, student-learning centered and child-centered elementary education that enhances creative imagination and builds inquisitive mindset for joyful learning.


  • To maintain small class sizes for highly conducive learning environment
  • To give special individualized attention to each student based on assessments
  • To provide various indoor and outdoor student activities
  • To intentionally create a classroom of high engagement
  • To show deep caring attitude to the students
  • To show that teachers are role models in being friendly and considerate
  • To hone the habit of reading and love for learning

The program designed for ages 6 to 11 opens doors of realities for the pupils to increase their repertoire of experiences and opportunities. Out of their experiences, they will make sense of their new information. Intricate balance in strategies will be a major delivery concern for a holistic development. In this stage, the overall mission of the school will take its full swing focusing on the core or primary emphases and the secondary dimensions as noted in the three-pronged emphasis. Class objectives and activities are set closest to the real-life situations so that the students will hone their social and academic skills well prepared for the Middle School rigors.