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Middle School

California Prep intends to offer the best balanced and practical education with most challenging e-learning delivery modality in order to sharpen the problem-solving skills and develop a well-rounded personality.


  • To offer practical arts and vocational orientation to the students
  • To help students develop problem solving skills and decisiveness
  • To provide activities that challenge students to be more creative and responsible
  • To create an environment that supports self-esteem and critical thinking
  • To set high expectations in the English basic skills especially speaking, listening, and reading
  • To provide the most solid guidance and counseling services to ensure high school success
  • To boost the emphases on leadership skills, self-discipline and well-rounded personality

The Middle School students (ages 12 to 14) are considered to be the most challenging task for teachers to tackle. This is due to the biological or hormonal changes going on in their bodies that they themselves don’t even understand. Besides improving the social and academic skills, this program will give value-added push on the following: speaking clearly, reading with understanding and writing sensibly. The development of critical thinking skill is given special emphasis plus knowledge broadening skills and life skills.