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California Prep is committed to deliver the best motor / foundational skills and high quality service for children to develop high self-esteem / confidence and love of learning through caring attitude of teachers, sufficient equipment, and supportively safe environment.


  • To hold frequent communication with the parents
  • To inform parents of student progress and needs in writing
  • To provide teachers who highly respect the child as a human being
  • To integrate values such as diversity and multiculturalism
  • To encourage teachers to employ (multiple intelligences) and view each child as an individual
  • To increase the equipment and improve facilities to make learning more fun
  • To treat each child with utmost respect and courtesy

The nursery is designed for 2-year old children. More time is spent in developing the children’s motor and social skills. Outdoor activities in the open air and under the friendly branches of trees are part of the daily schedule. Special attention will be on the needs of the individual child. These needs will be the focus for any remedial assistance to build up the child’s foundation skills as well as self-esteem.