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Grade 12 Field Trip TU

G12 Chapel 012

On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, the Grade 12 students and their home teacher visited the Thammasat University following an online Facebook invitation and registration.

The event is an Open House and Creativity Workshop which accompanied their new International BA program of Study. The program was launched Saturday, November 29, 2014, 9:00 -12:00 am, at the TSEO 34th Floor SM Building (BTS Sanampao), under the heading of Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship (GSSE). It carried the catchword "Changemaker".

In view of the popularity and the limited provision of space, attendees were sent a confirmation email within 48 hours of application before invitation was ratified. For admission purposes the basic education level required was 5-6.

This BA program strikes of an unusual approach. While it focuses on promoting teamwork and creativity, it is about creating a "new generation of children" to lead the Open House, to specialize in producing future business leaders, and social entrepreneurs "change-makers'; however, it seems to open the floor for a great many unanswered questions.

In capsule form, the GSSE quest is for young people who are desirous of, have a keen interest in and possess a willingness to engage in changing the pace of academic study. The program is a move to establish a leadership style and innovations that will transform the world. Its curriculum is inclusive of a wide range of disciplines. Communication, leadership, management and social science represent a few.

The event offers the chance to learn and gain confidence in creativity. The model utilized features in companies such as: Apple, Facebook and also at the Stanford University and boasts insight into a particular way of thinking that makes social impact while remaining financially sustainable.

One student observes that it provided a forum for her to ask questions and to find out about things she wanted to know, and contentedly so now know, having gone to the workshop. "It allows you to come away with vital information that informs your thinking process in the choice of further studies and career". For some, the visit seemed to have provided a welcome transformation from the commonplace of the classroom into the dynamic buzz of university experience.

Surely, it must be presumed that most all the students who attended feel the same way or, at least, gathered some vital insights that will facilitate their educational development. Nevertheless, given the overall ethos off the event and workshop, it seems obvious that those students who attended would really benefit from additional guidance and counsel.