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Dr. Phakdee Attends ONESQA Workshop

Orientation Day 2016-2017 - 022

The Phakdee Mangmiwatthana, CPIS director, attended the school leaders Accreditation Workshop for Visiting Members Appointed by ONESQA (Office National Education Standards and Quality Assessment) held at International School of Bangkok, Pathumthani last August 29, 2017.

More or less 200 administrators participated in the said workshop which was offered by the overseas accrediting bodies recognized by the Thailand government and Ministry of Education to accredit international schools. These accrediting bodies are as follows:

  • WASC- Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • CIS- Council of International Schools
  • NEASC- New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • EDT- Educational Development Trust

Furthermore, ONESQA was established through a Royal Decree, B.E. 2543. It has been employing the ONESQA criteria during school accreditation visits. The criteria are as follows: 1. Establishment, Objectives and Functions; 2. Capital, Income and Property; 3. Administration and Functioning; 4. Personnel of the Office; 5. Accounting, Auditing and Evaluation of Achievement of the Office; 6. Supervision; 7. Certificates and Credentials.

Out of the more or less 200 school administrators in attendance, ONESQA had chosen 62 school leaders as ONESQA authorized accreditors. Dr. Phakdee was chosen and appeared as number 14 on the list of the ONRESQA accreditors who will work collaboratively with the overseas accrediting bodies as they accredit international schools in Thailand. The first assignment of Dr. Phakdee will be in Chiang Mai in the latter part of November 2017