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The Library Day 2017

Library Day 2017 050

John Milton (December 1608 – November 1674) and Sir Francis Bacon (January 1561-April 1626) are two famous English writers known for generating the idea that: "Reading maketh a man".In a nutshell, the thought Conveyed is: a person who practices the habit of reading will become a well learned and informed individual.

And so it was! California Prep International School instituted their Library Day, a few years ago, to introduce students to the appreciation of books, the joy of reading and for the development and expansion of the mind. On Thursday, September 21-22, 2017, Library Day, morphed into forty-eight hours that convened first period that morning in the schools' library and culminated into a frenetic sale of books the following day. Kindergartens to Grade 3 classes, garbed in their P.E. uniform, charted the course for the day's potpourri activities. They stood in readiness; sang the National Anthem, the Kings song, the School's song and participated in the prayer of invitation.

Welcome was further extended by two students directing the flow of presentations. The song "Hello to all the Children of the World" was aired and the Director, Dr. Phakdee, entertained students by telling them a story. Young and not-so-young, alike, listened with rapt attention as he communicated, demonstrated and explained the moral of the story -both in Thai and English– "He who reads the most will be the smartest and achieve most". The children had real fun as they listened and took part.

Teachers Shing, Michelle and Del presented another "Sing and Tell Story" act. A question and answer session and a short video clips were added for good measure. Much fun and excitement engulfed the library space as the children prepared for Games. In their respective class, children engaged in coloring and cutting out drawings. They eventually arranged and pasted them in an empty booklet to create a small picture book of their own.

Time passed! A much needed intermission was looming. It could not have come soon enough. All said, children descended the book sale with such thrill and flutter, as if released from a cage. Others were so delighted with their new creative productivity, they reveled in their achievement with teachers, friends and parents.

Elementary, middle, and high schools followed the same opening format. Then, a brief N-dance, Karaoke singing, question and answer prize quiz, presentation of prize to the 'Best Reader" of each class, flag identification, a prayer, and it was curtains on each sitting. After each episode, the book sale took center stage. Anticipation ebbed and flowed to a low and reached a mild crescendo towards the end. Although as they say, "the die is cast" high schools never back down. With equal zeal and fervor they got involved fully in the events and made it a fitting end to a day well spent, on books, in the library.

Day two picked up where day one left off. Book sale! And more sale! Both children and adults flocked excitedly to the library looking and leafing through and reading story books. Library Day then merged into International Day. Two grand days of continued festive celebrations and merry-making. The intention is to create a direct linkage between the two 'special days'. With this in mind, automatically, students would be building their knowledge of the narratives from different regions of the world. At the same time, they would muster an even greater sense of friendship, understanding and respect through working in groups to parade and demonstrate these cultural mores, practices and values.

Throughout the day students, staff and parents alike, undistracted by other events, constantly trekked to and from the liburary. Some reclined on carpets reading. Many purchased books and games, among other items. While others raised and answered questions. And, so it was! Two illustrious days of books, books, books and more books! Not just for the individuals but for the library, too!

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