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Exchange Students

One good feature of our curriculum is the language enhancement program through Student Exchange Program (SEP). Parents of our students who plan to let their children join the Student Exchange Program will have to fill out the SEP form and submit to the SEP Coordinator. The coordinator will set a time for the SEP conference. Once the objectives will be jointly developed, the SEP coordinator will prepare the SEP preparatory program including the possible screening examinations to be taken by the students.

This will ensure that the students will have a thorough knowledge of what to prepare and expect. Finally, the SEP coordinator will work with the Administration for the details and eventually secure the go-signal to make final arrangements to satisfy the objectives.

Our school will also welcome students from other countries to join the Student Exchange Program. This will be done in collaboration with our teachers and parents who may want to accommodate in their homes foreign students as adopted children. Another lodging option will be in the school dormitory or approved apartments with our teachers who will serve as guardians. However, we would like to underscore that our school prefers to only accept students who are highly recommended by the administrators of their current schools. They must not come to Thailand unless all the documents are completed to avoid legal problems.