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'Mastery Learning' Approach

To build up the self-esteem of every child, the school employs heavily the Mastery Learning Approach with student-centered learning. Mastery learning may imply that a particular student has mastered at least 80% of the course or subject standards or strands. This calls for a tall and demanding order from the teachers in the sense that they have to be more focused. In the language of experts, we say that teachers may few well-selected materials but the students will learn more. The laws of learning such as repetition, association, impact/benefit, etc. will definitely come into play.

Every child is viewed with a spark of goodness and tremendous potentials to be harnessed. The processing of harnessing the potentials is heavily backed up with a whole lot of full and personalized attention from the teachers. The teacher factor is the single biggest dimension that impacts student learning. The whole process of learning and teaching redound to nothing or minimum benefit if the teacher is not the right teacher.